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 Personal Info
Driving Records $34.95
Social Security No. Validation  $10.00
Marriage License Validation $46.00
Professional License Validation $26.00
Personal Reference Checks $10.00
Address Verification $10.00
 Court Records
Criminal Search  -Court Fee may apply $15.00
Federal Criminal Search $30.00
International Criminal Record Check $270.00
Civil Search  -Court Fee may apply $25.00
Federal Civil Search $30.00
Bankruptcy $29.00
Federal and State Tax Lien $20.00
County/Provincial Tax Lien $20.00
Court Document Retrieval $55.00

 Background Search
National Wants and Warrants $39.00
Workers Compensation Report $18.00
Employment Verification $15.00
Sex Offender Search $25.00
GSA Search $7.00
Education Verification $29.00
Office of Inspector General Search $9.00

 People Search
People Locate Search $10.00
Deceased Persons Search $10.00
Property Locator $10.00